About Us

Curb Stops and Barrier Service Concrete Construction Company was built by the hands, the grit, and the values of Douglas Thompson, the visionary leader who continues to guide and inspire the company today.

In 2007, Douglas Thompson established the company as Curb Stops Construction Co., headquartered in Houston, Texas. Douglas had learned the cement trade under the guidance of his good friend and former employer, who had been in the cement business for 20 years. Douglas’s fundamental belief in quality service, a strong work ethic, passion, and common sense helped build the foundations of Curb Stops Construction Co. guiding principles that still endure today.

Curb Stops Construction Company quickly became known for hard work, customer satisfaction, quality, and the ability to meet schedules. Fueled by this reputation and an innate passion for building, Curb Stops Construction Company continued to grow and expand its reach and capabilities over one year to expand his company into the barrier industry and now is named Curb Stops and Barrier Service Concrete Conctruction Company.

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